4 Strategies to Reduce Sales Rep Ramp Time by 30 days

On Demand

Sales Rep onboarding is a key focus of most sales enablement professionals. But it can be challenging.

Of course, you want new reps to get up to speed quickly so they can start selling. But if you rush the process, you risk costly mistakes and high turnover rates. How can you shorten rep ramp time while preserving the quality and effectiveness of your onboarding program?

Emily FitzPatrick, Global Revenue Enablement Manager at Showpad, joins Gary Greenberger, Vice President of Global Sales at QStream for a panel discussion to share their strategies for reducing new rep ramp time by 30 days.


The on demand webinar, hosted by Vendor Neutral, explores topics including:

  • Flipping the Classroom
  • Programmatic Learning and Coaching the Gaps
  • Impactful Classroom Sessions
  • Maximizing Investment in Stack