Busting Sales Enablement Myths for Enterprises

On Demand

20 Minutes

Buyer expectations have changed. On top of that, long sales cycles and increased competition means that enterprise organizations have to differentiate themselves significantly during the buying process in order to win business.

Enterprise organizations now need to ask themselves how they’re creating experiences that exceed buyer expectations. To do this, more enterprise companies are investing in sales enablement — but are they unknowingly believing in myths that could actually be holding their programs back from scalable success?

In this on-demand webinar, IFF’s Global Marketing & Branding Director, Karen Stanton, sits down with Showpad’s Senior Customer Success Manager, Sarah Merchant, to talk through three myths many other organizations might believe as they’re building their own sales enablement programs.

She shares anecdotes and surprising learnings she couldn’t have predicted when her enterprise organization launched its own sales enablement program.