Defining and Refining Your 2021 Sales Enablement Charter

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Sales enablement has stakeholders across several teams including marketing, sales, product and customer success. With so many teams involved, a clear charter outlining the scope and responsibilities of the sales enablement function is imperative.

Whether you’ve built a sales enablement charter already or are just beginning, there are potential roadblocks along the way. From getting the team on the same page and heading in the same direction to securing executive buy-in, building a strong charter takes careful planning.

In this Sales Hacker webinar, Defining and Refining Your 2021 Sales Enablement Charter, Showpad’s Vice President of Worldwide Sales Enablement, Russell Wurth, keys us into the strategies he’s championed to create an efficient and streamlined charter that drives revenue.

In this webinar, Russell shares:

  • The importance of building a charter and how to get executive buy-in
  • The four building blocks of a successful enablement program
  • And the personas and sponsors your charter should pay attention to