4 Modern Sales Tools to Guide Your Customer to the Close

On Demand

Your sales team needs innovative tools to connect with your customers and guide conversations your prospects want to have during every stage of the buying journey.

With sales reps working remotely for the beginning of 2021 and with in-person meetings and conferences on the horizon, engaging sales tools can spur rich conversations with your prospective customers.

Forrester found that 75% of customers want your reps to customize the meeting and presentation to answer their specific needs. Gartner’s research uncovered that interactive and high quality presentations provided nearly a three times increase in sales. Sales enablement apps provide flexibility and engagement for rich and fulfilling meetings–while keeping your sales team on message.

Four takeaways you will learn:

  • How modern tools are being used by other companies
  • Effective methods to answer competitive pushbacks
  • Techniques to prove your economic value
  • Interactive ways to show your product in Zoom calls or in-person