Revenue Enablement Secrets: No more Content Chaos!

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Find out how to successfully manage your sales content and drive business results!

A study by SiriusDecisions shows that nearly 70% of content created by marketing goes unused.

“What a waste!”, you think, right? We agree! But, to get to the bottom of it, we first need to shed our light on the ‘why’ … the root cause behind all of this.

The following questions & statements from a sales team are not new to most marketers:

  • “Where can I find presentation XY?”
  • “Is this document the most current version?”
  • “More materials on topic XY? Do we really need that?”
  • “We have so much content, but it’s all inconsistent.”
  • “It’s too general. I need more specific content.”

The problem is obvious: marketing content can’t be found quickly & easily enough, isn’t relevant enough, and the impact on business metrics like revenue can’t be tracked.

How does Showpad do it?

In this 30-minute webinar, we want to show you how we organize our content, make it fast and easily accessible to our sales teams, and enable them to have personalized and compelling customer conversations.

You will learn:

  • How sales enablement tools can help you create impactful, easy-to-find content and keep it up to date at all times
  • How to bring back structure in your content chaos
  • What the implementation looks like at Showpad