Revenue Enablement Secrets: How to effectively onboard your sales team

On Demand

The first 90 days of your onboarding program are crucial and have a huge impact on your business. The faster you onboard new hires, the faster you’ll see results. Your onboarding program should accomplish two things: welcome new hires and set them up for success. However, doing this properly (and consistently) can be challenging.

So, how can you welcome your new hires and make them feel connected to the team when everyone isn’t in the same location? How can you provide an onboarding experience custom to the skills and needs of your new hires while reducing the ramp time?

In this webinar, Molly Sestak and Niall Clauberg discuss how to address the challenges of onboarding sales reps virtually. They’ll walk through their process and share best practices and examples around virtual onboarding.

In this webinar, you will learn:

– The five best practices for remote onboarding
– How virtual onboarding is implemented at Showpad
– Where you can start to make your virtual onboarding a success