Virtual platform walkthrough

On Demand

See Showpad in action – without having to discuss your budget and other business specs.

The Growth Hub recently put our platform to the test with a virtual Tech Roast. This challenging live demo gave business leaders and enablement champions the opportunity to see what Showpad can really do – with experts looking to reveal benefits, expose limitations and evaluate potential ROI. And the recording is now available to watch on-demand.

Join Michael Sadler, Senior Solutions Engineer, to explore how Showpad can help you:

  • Nurture strategic alignment between sales and marketing
  • Enable sales reps to deliver relevant and rewarding buyer engagement
  • Make it easy for buyers to buy from you.

Well… hopefully. We might have gotten roasted! Find out for yourself.


Michael Sadler
Michael Sadler
Senior Solutions Engineer
Alex Moyle
Alex Moyle
Skeptical Buyer
The Growth Hub