The Death of the Salesman

On Demand

Your buyer is empowered and informed. What about your sales team?

The rise of technology and limitless access to information are changing buyer behavior dramatically.

Today’s B2B buyers are more informed and more demanding. They have more choices and less time. In the past, businesses had a knowledge advantage over their customers. This advantage has vaporized, and has changed the role of salespeople in the buyer’s journey. Most sales teams are not ready for this transformation. In fact, they’re struggling to be successful, with only 15% of buyers believing that their meetings with salespeople are valuable (Forrester Research).

A big part of the buyer journey is completed digitally by researching product information online and tapping into networks and connections. But when you are bringing to market a product or service that is expensive, complex, involves price negotiations, installation or additional services the buying experience and quality of sales interactions will be the defining part in getting to a successful outcome.