The New Scope of Sales Enablement: Content + Coaching

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It’s no longer enough for organizations to look at Sales Enablement through a single lens.

To be successful, they must define and structure the function to incorporate content, sales training, and coaching.

This interactive webinar kicks off with Showpad co-founder and Chief Product Officer Louis Jonckheere talking through this enhanced scope of the Sales Enablement function and Showpad’s vision for the future of the space.

Steve Boskin, head of Global Field Enablement at Reputation, will talk through building an agile Sales Enablement strategy, engaging stakeholders, setting priorities, and embracing technology.

He’ll be joined by Jen Flannery, Senior B2B Marketing Manager at Hyperoptic Ltd, who will dive into her team’s Sales Enablement strategy and how content and coaching initiatives are driven in tandem using the Showpad platform. Attend this webinar if you’re curious about how other companies building their Sales Enablement functions and and the technologies supporting them.