The Road to Modern Selling: How Stäubli Drives the Buying Team Experience

On Demand

Today’s buyers aren’t hopping onto sales calls with strangers to discuss “a can’t-miss solution to seller pains.” They’re self-guided – finding information online, on their own terms. And they’ll let your sellers know when they’re ready to talk.

Even these human interactions have gone digital – with most face-to-face engagements happening online and in-person meetings now the exception. As sellers have discovered again and again, buyers don’t want to be ‘sold at’. They expect vendors to add value, tailored to their unique needs.

So how did we help Stäubli’s Marketing and Sales teams to deliver exactly that? Discover all the benefits of embracing a Modern Selling approach with our panel of sales enablement experts.


In this on-demand webinar, you’ll learn how Stäubli:

  • Made the decision to work with Showpad
  • Measured the initial impact – in numbers and seller feedback
  • Better engaged with digital-first buying teams
  • Built new selling models on a sales enablement foundation