Three Critical Strategies For Making Every Sales Experience Matter

On Demand

Today’s sellers can’t afford to get the sales experience wrong. If they do, deals don’t happen.

According to Challenger research, the sales experience is the single most important component of B2B customer loyalty – more than brand, product, service or price. And a powerful experience is particularly important in today’s environment, when many companies are finding fewer, and more complex opportunities in their pipelines. This is exactly why Integrate launched a ground-breaking sales experience transformation program with Showpad and Challenger. The program’s primary objective: build a can’t miss sales experience that boosts performance across the sales team.

In this session, Integrate, Challenger and Showpad team up to discuss:

  • Putting commercial insight and learning content at sellers’ fingertips in systems they use every day
  • Consistently practicing the sales experience
  • Measuring results from activity to business outcomes