Virtual Round Table with SalesLevers

June 18, 2020 11:00 am BST

Selling in these challenging times… and what happens next?

The switch from field to remote selling has affected the entire sales population, with few being prepared for it. The result is a decrease in efficiency due to a lack of processes and tools. This situation reinforced the objective for companies to professionalise their teams to deliver value to stand out from competition.

What levers can you pull to make your teams successful?

In partnership with Showpad, this session will be led by Richard Higham and Charlie Newby of SalesLevers. Both of them have a long and strong experience of sales performance management in good and bad times with businesses ranging from start-ups to market leaders. This virtual gathering will cover three levers you can pull to make your teams successful:

  • The level of activity and how to keep the sales KPIs up
  • The concentration of effort and how to focus on the right products & services for the right people in the right companies
  • The effectiveness of your teams and how to ensure effective selling, effective sales management and effective digital sales tools

We encourage you to join this virtual gathering if?

  • You are in charge of the teams generating revenue, and are keen to know how to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your teams, while ensuring their continuous up skilling
  • You are looking for easily accessible resources, and use cases from companies across industries

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Featuring: Richard Higham, Managing Director, SalesLevers & Charlie Newby, Relationship Director, SalesLevers
Date: Thursday, June 18
Time: 11:00 – 11:45 AM BST

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