What got you here, won’t get you there.

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B2B buyers have changed how they buy.
But have your sellers changed how they sell?

Scripted sales pitches and canned presentations delivered in stuffy boardrooms no longer seal the deal. Accelerated digital transformation in the wake of COVID-19 and the strong influence of B2C buying experiences have spelled the end for many legacy selling processes. So what’s a seller to do to keep up with this modern selling landscape?

Your sales teams need the right knowledge, skills and processes to drive a personalized buying journey that delivers real value at every step. But they can’t do it alone. Learn how you can equip and empower your reps to evolve into a team of quota-crushing Modern Sellers.

Join Andrea Abbate, VP Revenue Enablement at Showpad and Lara Verlinden, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Showpad, for an insightful discussion on:

  • Emerging trends impacting B2B sales and buyer behavior
  • What it means (and looks like) to be a Modern Seller in today’s current selling landscape and the future of sales
  • How sales enablement can empower your sellers to deliver the valuable, personalized experiences today’s buyers expect


Lara Verlinden
Lara Verlinden
Senior Product Marketing Manager
Andrea Abbate
Andrea Abbate
VP of Revenue Enablement