The Ultimate Guide To Sales Enablement

Measuring Sales Enablement Success

Defining key performance indicators (KPIs) that reflect your goals.

How to measure enablement success

Quantifiable ROI

Unquantifiable ROI

Measuring ROI

In order to fully take advantage of the ROI of sales enablement, it should be measured based on both quantifiable and unquantifiable criteria. While an enablement strategy that incorporates content, training and coaching is designed to impact revenue growth, it can also provide additional advantages.

Additionally, the ROI of sales enablement should be evaluated based on the specific roles, responsibilities and goals of different business functions. For example, in terms of quantifiable results specific to sales teams, the ROI of sales enablement may be measured in:

  • Pipeline generation
  • Number of closed deals
  • Revenue acquisition
  • Length of sales cycles
  • Win rates
  • Contract values
  • Deal sizes

How every role leverages ROI

Product Marketing Director

Product Marketing Director

Product marketing directors ensure salespeople are using current, relevant content and strive to understand how that content is used throughout the buyer journey while measuring its impact on deals closed in order to validate their efforts.

And while they’re expected to develop compelling messaging that accurately reflects customers’ pain points and priorities to help salespeople nurture prospects, they do so with limited time and resources.

Sales Enablement Director

Sales Enablement Director

Sales enablement directors must scale onboarding and training for growing teams in the face of competing priorities and goals, not to mention limited budgets and resources. They work with marketing teams to develop sales content and quickly communicate updates regarding products and services to sellers and rapidly develop related training.

They’re also responsible for getting new hires up to speed and supporting employees by translating sales strategies into digestible steps that teams can use to reach goals.

Chief Marketing Officer

Chief Marketing Officer

Not only do chief marketing officers prove the ROI of their budgets, they ensure overarching marketing strategy aligns with sales processes and objectives. When they’re not trying to optimize spend and keep sellers up to date on all campaigns and collateral, CMOs are attempting to increase the efficiency of their own teams.

Fortunately, when an organization’s sales enablement function is armed with appropriate strategy and tools, CMOs are positioned to reap the benefits.

Chief Sales Officer

Chief Sales Officer

Chief sales officers ensure their teams routinely hit quotas and work to improve margins and grow customer bases to outperform competitors. They also optimize territory planning and forecasting, minimizing the time salespeople spend on non revenue-generating activities, speeding up sales cycles, supporting higher annual contract values and keeping top talent happy.

CSOs empower sellers to consistently deliver exceptional buyer experiences – an objective today’s sellers struggle to achieve.

Total Economic Impact™(TEI) Report

The trend toward sales enablement has recently skyrocketed as companies recognize how important sales enablement processes are to create engaging experiences for buyers.

But how much of an impact can sales enablement have? In March 2020, Showpad commissioned the Forrester Consulting Total Economic Impact™ study. Forrester interviewed two Showpad clients and conducted a study to measure our platform’s bottom line impact.

Here are the key takeaways from the Forrester TEI report:

516% ROI

Forrester analyzed costs associated with Showpad including licensing, training and implementation over three years against the platform’s benefits to calculate a return on investment (ROI) of 516%.

25% reduction in onboarding time

According to Forrester, Showpad reduces onboarding time by 25% by streamlining onboarding, training and coaching to get new hires up to speed. Because training materials are scalable and available on any device, new hires can access them anywhere, any time.

10% increase in sales

Showpad puts the right information at every salesperson’s fingertips, saving them time by making relevant content easy to find, personalize and share on any device. The platform increases sales by 10% per rep and provides the training, content and support they need, increasing efficacy and exceeding buyer expectations.

25% increase in productivity

A Forrester study shows the platform improves marketing professionals’ productivity by 25%, helping sales and marketing teams to collaborate effectively and produce the content buyers need. Powerful analytics identify the most impactful content so marketing can focus on producing only the best, most relevant materials for sales.

How to identify and maximize sales enablement ROI


How to identify and maximize sales enablement ROI

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