Showpad Releases the Sales Enablement Industry’s First Augmented Reality Features to Deliver More Immersive Buyer Experiences

July 11, 2018

Support for 3D models and Augmented Reality enables salespeople to differentiate with visually engaging selling experiences

CHICAGO, July 11, 2018 — Showpad, the industry’s first unified sales enablement platform, has launched Augmented Reality (AR) features to provide a more immersive buyer experience for large and complex products. The new capabilities allow salespeople to leverage 3D models through Showpad’s iOS app to better educate customers and leave a lasting impression with prospects.

With AR spending expected to hit an estimated $60 billion in 2020, organizations across industries are seeing the value in implementing more interactive technology. Showpad is the first and only sales enablement provider to offer AR functionality, enabling salespeople to deliver more immersive buyer experiences. Using Augmented Reality, sellers can transform how buyers learn about their product portfolio by projecting virtual products within the context of their actual environment.

“Our Augmented Reality functionality delivers the buyer experience of the future – it’s visual, interactive and immersive,” says Pieterjan Bouten, CEO and co-founder of Showpad. “We’re empowering salespeople to not only tell buyers about their products, but also to virtually engage with them for a deeper level of understanding. We’re excited to be the first to deliver this functionality to the sales enablement industry and support our customers as they compete in the digital world.”


Support for 3D Models
Salespeople in many industries are tasked with selling large, complex products such as robotic arms, medical devices, construction equipment, compressors or other machinery. Without the time and expense required to place these physical products in brick and mortar environments, Showpad’s new features, salespeople allow buyers to view and interact with 3D models of their entire product portfolio. Salespeople both inside and in the field can differentiate themselves from competitors by presenting and sharing 3D models that help buyers more quickly appreciate the value of their products and accelerate the sales cycle.

Augmented Reality on iOS
Showpad will use Apple’s ARKit in the Showpad iOS app, allowing users to project 3D models in a real, physical environment. The Showpad iOS app enables sales teams to demonstrate the actual dimensions and features of products within the context of their environment, anywhere and anytime. Marketers reduce cost and time managing content by centralizing and managing models all within the app.

“We wanted to help our customers with large complex physical products not only tell prospects about their solutions through great digital content, but be able to show them through a truly immersive buying experience,” adds Louis Jonckheere, CPO and co-founder of Showpad. “Buyers want greater context and more information in their purchase experience, and AR enables them to see exactly what they’re getting. Now, they can have deeper, more interesting conversations about even the most complex products by seeing them in the context of their own environment.”

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Showpad Releases the Sales Enablement Industry’s First Augmented Reality Features to Deliver More Immersive Buyer Experiences