Showpad GDPR Product Updates to Take Full Effect end of Q1 of 2018

Showpad Team | February 16, 2018

GDPR, the EU law that regulates how businesses handle personal data, will take full effect in May of 2018. Since this date is just around the corner, GDPR has been a popular topic of conversation among marketing and sales professionals. Because the new law will give consumers more say over what companies can do with…

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What does the ‘new customer’ mean for our society? Three undeniable trends by Steven Van Belleghem

Showpad Team | November 13, 2017

The customer of last year is no more. Digitization, automation and hyper-personalization have reached a crossroads – an ideal opportunity for companies to raise their services to a new level. That’s what Steven Van Belleghem, a Partner at nexxworks, argues in his latest work ‘Customers The Day After Tomorrow - How Customers Will Win in…

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Jason Holmes joining Showpad as COO & President

Showpad Team | October 4, 2017

Showpad employees, clients and friends, Today, I'm super excited to share that Jason Holmes is joining Showpad as President & Chief Operating Officer. Jason brings 20 years of experience leading go-to-market organizations within Adobe and Oracle and more recently at Marketo. As Showpad continues to grow and scale globally we started searching for this role…

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5 reasons why Sales Enablement is the next best thing for B2B marketing agencies

Showpad Team | September 28, 2017

As sales and marketing technology develops at disruptive speed, B2B marketing agencies need to step up their game to stay relevant and empower their clients. Merely focussing on brand awareness, lead generation, and marketing campaigns doesn’t meet your customer’s expectations anymore.They’re realizing they need to work every stage of the funnel, including the bottom part…

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There’s More Science in Selling: Three Skills Sellers Will Need to Keep up

Showpad Team | September 22, 2017

Sales will always be part art and part science, and the path to success will always be a mix of both. But the science of selling is accelerating at a rapid pace, and adding more science to the sales process requires new ways of thinking and new ways of executing from your salesforce. (more…)

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Improve the buyer experience with content (Infographic)

Showpad Team | July 6, 2017

A mere 20 percent of the 504 sales and marketing professionals we surveyed know how content successfully interacts with their sales process to create better buyer experiences. (more…)

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10 stats that show the importance of sales content

Showpad Team | June 28, 2017

Showpad recently surveyed 504 medium- to large-sized businesses across the U.S. and Europe to explore the links between content and customer experience. (more…)

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What top-performing marketers and salespeople have in common

Showpad Team | June 21, 2017

A new Showpad survey of 504 businesses across the U.S. and Europe found that 80 percent of marketing and sales professionals aren’t reaping the rewards of content. That means that they’re collectively spending (read: wasting) (more…)

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Which technological shifts are impacting sales and marketing today? A conversation with Showpad’s Louis Jonckheere:

Showpad Team | June 16, 2017

Society’s on the verge of dramatic change, there’s no doubt about it. And technology will be a major catalyst, we know that much. But how will those developments impact sales and marketing? (more…)

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Aligning business and sales enablement priorities (Survey)

Showpad Team | June 15, 2017

It’s well established that aligning sales and marketing teams increases win rates, revenue growth and content ROI, while it reduces sales cycles, operational costs and time wasted on unproductive prospecting. (more…)

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