Why the Future of Sales and Marketing Success Hinges on Innovation

Jason Holmes | May 8, 2018

The world of sales and marketing technology is an exciting space to be in. The market has grown rapidly and over the past seven years we've helped our customers realize incredible benefits from aligning their sales and marketing efforts. With all the progress that’s been made, we’re excited about the future of this space, the…

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How to Prepare for GDPR’s Impact on Sales and Marketing

Showpad Team | April 25, 2018

On May 25 2018, the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) will go into effect, changing how companies around the world deal with the personal data of people residing in Europe. GDPR is Europe’s new framework for data protection. The laws that currently govern data protection in Europe were enacted in 1995 - and needless to…

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Introducing Shared Spaces: Bringing the Buyer Experience Out of Email

Showpad Team | March 28, 2018

Today’s B2B buyers have high expectations of the sales process. They want to see relevant content, proof points and applicable use cases. And above all, they want a simple, frictionless information exchange. In complex selling scenarios, it’s not unusual to have multiple stakeholders involved. In fact, according to data from both Salesforce and Gartner, it…

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CEO PJ Bouten Talks Today’s Biggest SaaS Challenges on the SaaStr Podcast

Showpad Team | March 19, 2018

Our CEO PJ Bouten recently joined Harry Stebbings on an episode of the SaaStr podcast. The SaaStr podcast features interviews with prominent operators and investors to understand their tips and tactics to attaining success if the fiercely competitive SaaS world. Here’s a quick recap of Harry and PJ’s conversation. Listen to the full episode on…

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Are You Selling the Way Your Buyers Want to Buy?

Showpad Team | March 13, 2018

Today’s B2B buyers have started to act more like consumers. Companies like Amazon, Apple and Netflix have given us simple and convenient customer experiences that we as consumers have come to adore. And now B2B buyers are starting to expect the same from their interactions with sellers. But are today’s salespeople delivering? Unfortunately, the answer…

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The Reinvention of the B2B Salesperson

Showpad Team | February 28, 2018

Given the advancement of B2B e-commerce and innovative sales and marketing technology, sales people no longer control a B2B buyer’s entire journey. Now, B2B buyers conduct a majority of their research online and often are close to a decision before ever even contacting a sales representative. From healthcare to construction to manufacturing, B2B salespeople often…

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Showpad GDPR Product Updates to Take Full Effect End of Q1 of 2018

Bram D’hooghe | February 16, 2018

GDPR, the EU law that regulates how businesses handle personal data, will take full effect in May of 2018. Since this date is just around the corner, GDPR has been a popular topic of conversation among marketing and sales professionals. Because the new law will give consumers more say over what companies can do with…

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What does the ‘new customer’ mean for our society? Three undeniable trends by Steven Van Belleghem

Showpad Team | November 13, 2017

The customer of last year is no more. Digitization, automation and hyper-personalization have reached a crossroads – an ideal opportunity for companies to raise their services to a new level. That’s what Steven Van Belleghem, a Partner at nexxworks, argues in his latest work ‘Customers The Day After Tomorrow - How Customers Will Win in…

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Jason Holmes joining Showpad as COO & President

Showpad Team | October 4, 2017

Showpad employees, clients and friends, Today, I'm super excited to share that Jason Holmes is joining Showpad as President & Chief Operating Officer. Jason brings 20 years of experience leading go-to-market organizations within Adobe and Oracle and more recently at Marketo. As Showpad continues to grow and scale globally we started searching for this role…

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5 reasons why Sales Enablement is the next best thing for B2B marketing agencies

Showpad Team | September 28, 2017

As sales and marketing technology develops at disruptive speed, B2B marketing agencies need to step up their game to stay relevant and empower their clients. Merely focussing on brand awareness, lead generation, and marketing campaigns doesn’t meet your customer’s expectations anymore.They’re realizing they need to work every stage of the funnel, including the bottom part…

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