Showpad launches industry’s first Augmented Reality solution

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Deliver a better buyer experience

Personalize each sales conversation and deliver the right content in a beautifully designed, visual buyer experience. Guide multiple buyers and influencers through the selling process with branded microsites, augmented reality, and in-content collaboration.

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Engage your buyers with intelligent sales content

Showpad makes it easy for sales to discover and share the right content on any device, even when offline. Content recommendations and intelligent search powered by machine-learning make Showpad smarter than traditional sales enablement.

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Make better decisions with impactful analytics

Make content decisions based on usage and revenue data, and create winning content that drives sales. Get insight into how salespeople and prospects are interacting with content, ramp new team members faster, and maximize your content ROI.

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Demonstrate the ROI of your content

See exactly how content impacts revenue by tying it to closed deals. Get insight into how salespeople and prospects are interacting with content to invest more in the content that impacts revenue.

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The best partners in sales and marketing

Showpad’s leading technology and service provider partners enhance sales content, readiness and engagement to create the best buyer experience.

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