How Sitecore Supports its Sales Team with Showpad


Sitecore is an industry-leading provider of web content management and multichannel marketing automation software.

The company first adopted Showpad to be the single source of truth for all its sales collateral, and soon discovered how it could use Showpad to supercharge its sales enablement activities in other areas.

"The feedback on our sales kickoff and usage was incredibly positive."

Video Transcript

What challenges was Sitecore trying to overcome with Showpad?

Some of the challenges that we had in sales enablement that led us to Showpad were that we had sales and marketing assets spread across disparate systems which gave us no ability to track who was using what and the impact that it was having. It also led to an inconsistency of messaging throughout all of our materials.

Marketing were spending a hell of a lot of time creating tons of content, and sales were doing the same, sales enablement were doing the same, and there was no real collaboration and alignment, which led to an impact on our sales methodology. Because if you don’t have that running through all of your messaging, how can you be consistent about how you are addressing the buyer?

Why did you choose Showpad?

The important part of why we chose Showpad is because Salesforce is a really important factor for us and we wanted that to be the single source of truth for everything.

How does Sitecore use Showpad?

We use Showpad in a number of different ways. First and foremost it was about organizing our content. So we have a really nice channel structure of organized content, which actually was a major change for us as an organization because sellers were looking through multiple SharePoint sites to try and find this stuff before and now it was all there.

Since then we used it for our sales kickoff and it became the heart of our sales kickoff. We use the Spotlight function to generate interest, drive engagement with the mobile app. So we have things like encouraging them to download the mobile app. And then we had very strong executive sponsorship from the start. We branded our sales kickoff experience with Showpad as the global sales kickoff experience.

Following sales kickoff we’ve launched Showpad Coach and now have a series of reinforcement programs running as well as a whole onboarding program that we kicked off at the start of our financial year.

What feedback have you received internally about Showpad?

The feedback on our sales kickoff and usage was incredibly positive. The sellers commented to us that they had never been able to access content so quickly for a sales kickoff before, and they felt that it was organized in a way that they had never seen.

What would you tell other Showpad customers?

We really questioned Showpad, we really looked at how we could take what they built and push it to the next level, and doing so we delivered a really effective sales kickoff. And I think, never be afraid to really push that, to learn, to develop and see how we can push our industry even further.