Showpad's Integrations

Showpad’s robust integration capabilities allow you to easily merge sales enablement content from Showpad with your enterprise systems and business processes.

Learn more about what your sales and marketing teams can do with Showpad’s integrations: (available on Salesforce AppExchange)

  • Connect one or multiple Salesforce instances to your Showpad account – without any coding
  • Instantly find and share the most effective content for an opportunity, contact or deal
  • Easily log all in-person meetings and content shared with prospects as activities in Salesforce
  • View how prospects are engaging with content within Salesforce to tailor follow-ups
  • See how much revenue is associated to an individual piece of content
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Microsoft Dynamics CRM

  • View content shared with any Account, Opportunity, Contact or Lead in Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • See how prospects are engaging with content to tailor follow-up accordingly
  • Gain insight into how top salespeople are performing and share best practices among the team
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  • Use Showpad’s content shares and views in your marketing automation strategy
  • Make your next automated touchpoints as relevant as possible
  • Reduce the need for advanced BI tools to gain a single view of the customer
  • Map your marketing influence against the entire buyer journey – from first touch to close
  • Continuously refine lead scores throughout the sales cycle to support full pipeline marketing
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  • Quickly access and send content in Showpad right from Gmail
  • Deliver content with a customized, branded microsite
  • Track prospects’ interaction with shared content for more timely and informed follow up
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Microsoft Outlook

  • Quickly access and share content in Showpad right from Microsoft Outlook
  • Send content to prospects and customers via a branded microsite
  • Get insight into recipients’ interaction with shared content and tailor follow up accordingly
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PowerPoint Editor

  • Control which content can be edited
  • Allow sales to tailor marketing-approved PowerPoint files
  • See how sales personalizes each presentation, and track their usage
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Cloud Storage

  • Seamlessly import content from Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, Egnyte, and other cloud storage providers
  • Unify multiple cloud storage systems for easy accessibility

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