Enable Your Sales Team’s Success with Showpad Coach

Enable Your Sales Team’s Success with Showpad Coach

LearnCore has become the new Showpad Coach. Deliver the onboarding, training, and coaching your salespeople need to become trusted advisors and exceed quota with Showpad Coach’s sales coaching and training software.

Enable Your Sales Team’s Success with Showpad Coach

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Showpad Coach

Empower your managers. Scale your sales team. Delight your sellers


Deliver engaging onboarding & training to help your reps succeed


Monitor your team’s retention to identify & address weak spots


Build confidence through recorded practice, role-plays & peer review


Leverage rich analytics & recordings so managers can coach more effectively

Empower your managers with sales coaching

Sales managers are some of the least supported but most important members of the sales team. Showpad Coach’s intuitive new Manager Hub streamlines sales coaching and training for field and inside sales reps, while still leaving time for managers to do their day jobs.

Scale your team with sales training

Tackle the complexity of managing a large sales training initiative with just a few resources. Showpad Coach’s new user experience and new enterprise-grade features make course creation, reporting, and user management more powerful and easier than ever before. Manage thousands of users, content, and communication all in one place.

Engage your salespeople with training and recorded sales presentations

The best way to increase engagement is through an easy-to-use, delightful coaching program experience. Showpad Coach’s completely redesigned seller experience – on web and mobile – will help your sales professionals not only complete their work, but engage in it. Your field and inside sales reps get bite-sized learning experiences, arranged in paths that encompass both courses and real-world assignments. They can easily see what they need to do, execute their learning assignments, and record their sales pitches to demonstrate their knowledge.

Grow your sales enablement program

The Showpad sales enablement platform delivers the convenience of unified administration across its Showpad Content and Showpad Coach solutions. Admins can manage content and users in a single, streamlined system. Reps can use the same dashboard to build high-impact presentations based on completed sales training – there’s no need to learn a new interface.

With Showpad Coach, we get a clearer picture of how our new salespeople are doing much earlier on and we’re putting them in a much better position to succeed.

Rich Grisham
Associate Vice President of Sales Operations and Engineering, iPipeline

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