The Importance of sales intelligence

In our latest podcast, we chat with Roy Raanani, co-founder and CEO of, and discuss sales teams biggest challenges. Raanani offers sound advice on how to overcome these challenges through pure sales intelligence.

Social selling strategy

In our latest podcast, we chat with Jill Rowley, startup advisor and speaker, and discuss what social selling really means in today's market. Rowley tells us how to be a social selling star, and shares tips to start your own program and implement best practices.

Evolution of Content and Channel Partners

In our latest episode of the Showpad podcast we present part 2 of our conversation with Marcella Mazzucca.
In part two of our session with Mazzucca, she discusses the evolution of content and channel partners, and how crucial it is to adapt to the new wants and needs of customers.

Women in the Tech Workplace

In our latest episode of the Showpad podcast we celebrate National Women’s Day by discussing women working in the tech world with Marcella Mazzucca, CMO at TransVault Software.
In part one of our session with Mazzucca, she discusses the trials and tribulations of being a woman in tech, as well as gives valuable advice for women trying to break into the industry.

Benefits of integrating your sales and marketing teams

In our latest podcast, we chat with Kenny Lee, VP of Marketing at Revinate, and discuss the importance of integrating marketing and sales teams.

Lee addresses the ever changing dynamic between consumers and brands, the struggles of improving these relations, and the benefits of alignment in the hospitality industry.

Key tips for reinventing your marketing plan

In our latest podcast, we chat with Anthony Kennada, VP of Marketing at Gainsight, and discuss what it means when people say that marketing is in a constant state of reinvention.

Kennada addresses how to test the water and try new programs, why you should consider "offline" indicators in analyzing your success, and how your CEO's support can make all the difference.

Easy-to-avoid mistakes in content marketing

In our first podcast of 2017, we talk about what successful content marketing really means. Dayna Rothman, the VP of Marketing at Brightfunnel, talks about common mistakes – like valuing quality vs. quantity and not having a distribution plan – as well as how to make sure your content satisfies the entire buyer journey.

How to build a personal bond between sales and marketing

It’s the holiday season, and we’re in a familial spirit. In our latest podcast, we explore ways to cultivate strong relationships between sales reps and marketing management with Tom Castley, vice president of the EMEA region at Xactly.

Marketers create content for customers, not for salespeople

In our latest podcast, we explore how to improve communication between marketing and sales with Isabelle Guis, chief marketing and strategy officer at Egnyte.

3 tips that'll help you improve channel partner relationships

Ian Moyse, channel authority at Axio Systems talks channel partner success with Emma Dunstone, VP Marketing at Showpad.

Aligning product & content marketing for the good of sales

Skycure's VP Marketing Varun Kohli and Showpad's VP Marketing Emma Dunstone discuss how product & content marketing need alignment for the good of sales.

Marketing content’s real value lies within sales

Kenna Security’s VP of Marketing, Greg Howard and Showpad’s VP of Marketing, Emma Dunstone chat about how to make marketing content more useful to sales, how the two teams can work better together, and how it all boils down to a good brew.

Podcast: sales enablement strategies for marketers

Origami Logic CMO Steven Wastie and Showpad Marketing VP Emma Dunstone discuss how marketing content can help sales improve customer interactions, why both teams should be focused more on bottom-of-funnel metrics, and how brand messages lose luster when the teams aren't aligned.

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