Woo, Don't Pursue

Turn the page to engage

Enter a new era of collaborative buying, built on:

  • A carefully curated and radically relevant Buying Team Experience
  • An engaged salesforce, hyped about delivering a hybrid sales journey
  • 7 simple ways to boost buyer engagement.

Showpad Woo Dont Pursue Ebook 2

For your B2B prospects, the ideal buying journey is now:


Not static and scripted.


A conversation instead of a lecture.


By design, rather than luck.


Never adversarial or simply transactional.

But it all starts with smart seller engagement.

How do you build a modern buying experience? By empowering your salesforce.
They represent one of your biggest and most complex assets. So invest in their growth – with tools that inspire rewarding collaboration.

Welcome to new-school selling.

Welcome to new-school selling.

B2B buying journeys have gone digital. Learn how to make every step more human.