March 19, 2020
Updated: March 1, 2021

4 ways companies are shifting their selling strategies in the wake of COVID-19

Companies around the world are forced to face a rapidly changing business landscape.

As economic uncertainty, remote workforces and other obstacles caused by COVID-19 transform day-to-day operations, organizations are learning they must pivot their sales strategies – and quickly – to confront the challenge.

Here are four examples of companies shifting their strategies to succeed in this new reality.

1. Embracing virtual coaching

A tire manufacturing company with operations around the world needed to continue training its salesforce, but the coronavirus pandemic eliminated the viability of traditional classroom learning and face-to-face training sessions.

The company decided to accelerate its implementation of Showpad Coach in order to provide salespeople with compelling learning experiences that can be arranged in bite-sized training paths of required courses, electives and real-world assignments.

In this way, the company’s sales representatives may receive sales training no matter where they are while sales managers are able to assess team performance through quizzes, tests and surveys that help identify learning gaps and highlight potential team weaknesses.

And with Showpad’s PitchIQ functionality, sales representatives can easily record practice sessions and submit them to managers for review. Managers can evaluate these recordings to provide feedback to reps while colleagues see how they stack up against their peers and learn how their company’s top performers pitch sales presentations.

2. Pursuing digital insights

A global manufacturer of building materials and solutions for the construction industry realized it needed to recall its field sales team and switch to an inside sales strategy.

In addition to rolling out Showpad Coach to deliver virtual training to a newly remote salesforce, the company began exploring how it can use Showpad’s MeetingIQ tool to keep managers up to date on how sales conversations are proceeding.

MeetingIQ enables users to record and transcribe sales conversations, and gives managers a chance to view team recordings. Sellers can use it to quickly review conversations and extract insights while their managers gain visibility into seller performance and buyer behavior in order to provide feedback to help optimize future conversations.

3. Supporting remote selling

A software company focused on data protection and cybersecurity required a way to help its remote sales team more effectively demonstrate the value of its products.

Instead of relying on standard slideshow presentations and email attachments, the organization equipped its sellers with Showpad Experiences.

Showpad’s out-of-the-box Advanced Experiences help reps easily organize and distribute content in visually appealing branded environments that guide buyers through different sales situations.

With customizable navigation structures for specific product lines, personas and verticals, as well as the ability to add custom icons, logos and backgrounds, sellers can present content in an engaging way that differentiates them from competitors.

4. Encouraging collaboration

A metal wholesaler that provides tens of thousands of products in addition to processing and fabrication capabilities was forced to halt in-person meetings.

Sellers had previously relied on paper documentation during onsite meetings, but now needed a way to collaborate with buyers remotely.

The organization is turning to Showpad’s Shared Spaces in order to empower sellers to create easy-to-navigate, fully brandable microsites where they can share important documentation with multiple stakeholders and collaborate with decision-makers via comments.

Instead of emailing files to prospects with no context, Shared Spaces allows salespeople to guide buyers through individual pieces of content and add necessary information or spotlight important issues. Meanwhile, analytics data provides reps with a real-time overview of how buyers are interacting with specific materials over time, allowing them to tailor their follow-ups accordingly.

COVID-19 has significantly altered how businesses operate, and it’s difficult to know how long this new normal will last.

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