March 14, 2019

Sales Readiness Solutions: What is the Forrester Wave™?

The Forrester Wave™: Sales Readiness Solutions, Q4 2023 is an independent report—and a guide for buyers—that evaluates sales readiness technology providers. It is a trusted source for analysis and comparison, used by leaders to choose the best products and services for their needs.

The Forrester Wave™ Reports

Forrester Research was founded in 1983 and has become one of the leading research resources for informed business decisions. The Forrester Wave™ report is known for its transparent criteria and evaluation process, which makes it a valuable tool for buyers.

The Forrester Wave™ Methodology explained

The Forrester Wave™ methodology thoroughly analyzes each vendor’s product and service capabilities in several key areas. Each report provides insights into what it’s like to work with each vendor and what customers can expect.

All vendors go through the same Forrester assessment, which includes:

  • In-depth questionnaire
  • Product demonstrations
  • Detailed expert analysis
  • Customer interviews

Forrester then uses those inputs, along with the analyst’s experience and expertise in the marketplace, to score vendors against a pre-defined scale using a relative rating system that compares each vendor against the others in the evaluation.

Understanding The Forrester Wave™ 

The Forrester Wave™ uses a visual shorthand Wave graphic that summarizes the outcome of Forrester’s detailed analytics and research. The Wave™ graphic displays vendors’ overall scores relative to:

  • Current offering 
  • Strategy strength 

The Forrester Wave™ recognizes vendors across one of four designations: 

  • Challenger
  • Contender
  • Strong Performer
  • Leader

Challengers and Contenders score lower, while Strong Performers and Leaders score more strongly. Each vendor is placed on the graphic, with dots of different sizes to indicate market presence. A larger dot means that the vendor has higher scores in criteria such as customers and higher revenue.

Benefits of the Forrester Wave™ report

The sales enablement industry is growing rapidly but is still relatively new, making it difficult for sales, marketing, and enablement teams to choose the right vendors and solutions for their business’ needs. 

The Forrester Wave™ report offers several benefits to buyers:

  • Expert analysis: The report is written by experienced analysts who deeply understand the sales enablement landscape.
  • Clarity: The report is easy to read and understand, making it easy to compare vendors and choose the right solution.
  • Invaluable tools: The report and analytics help teams build technology ecosystem and find the right vendor quickly.

Download the The Forrester Wave™: Sales Readiness Solutions, Q4 2023 report to see how all this analysis comes together.

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