Showpad for Marketing

Showpad for Marketing

Content has become a key part of marketing strategies for businesses across all industries. But marketers struggle to distribute up-to-date marketing content effectively and often lack insights into how salespeople and prospects engage with them. Showpad is here to help.

Centralize and share content

With Showpad, your marketing content is easily discoverable, presentable and shareable. Plus, any edits made to marketing materials are instantly updated for sales, so you never have a problem with version control.

Measure the value of content

Understand which marketing content salespeople use in meetings, and which materials help close deals. Then, use those insights to invest more in the content that’s most effective.

Craft the right message

With Content Recommendations, marketing can guide sales to the right story for every situation — by industry, persona, company size, and more. Plus, with Showpad’s machine learning capabilities, marketing content recommendations become smarter as salespeople use them.

How Schneider Electric uses Showpad

With our previous [content tools], a sales guy would download an asset and not go back for a year or maybe two. With [Showpad], we can ensure that they have the correct content at all times.

Jeremy McCullough
Business Development Manager at Schneider Electric

Your Guide to Sales Enablement

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Sales enablement is the path to sales effectiveness. By focusing on content usage later in the sales cycle, sales and marketing teams can continually improve the content, messaging and methods businesses need to convert and close deals.