Sales Training

Deliver engaging, effective onboarding and sales training, so reps and their managers can make quota easier than ever.

Enable Your Sales Team’s Success with Showpad Coach

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Deliver engaging sales training

Showpad Coach’s learner dashboard on web and mobile is designed to delight your salesforce. Field and inside sales reps get bite-sized learning experiences, arranged in sales training paths of required courses, electives, and real-world assignments. With the AI-driven dashboard, reps won’t miss the information they need to close their deals and make quota.

Assess your team’s knowledge

With Showpad Coach, sales managers and admins can assess your team’s knowledge by launching web or mobile quizzes, tests, and surveys. Quickly and easily grade tests to identify and correct learning gaps before they become a problem.  Gain insights into team weaknesses that need addressing. Take advantage of flexible testing options – automatic scoring, human validation, and weighting. Customize and save reports for baselines and transparency. Create data-driven, individualized learning paths that improve your team’s performance.

Recognize your team’s successes

Motivate your team and encourage friendly competition with leaderboards. Integrate certification-partner applications used by your organization. Customize and print certifications to recognize your sales team’s success.

Automate and scale learning

Use data to automatically create, assign, and deliver learning paths to teams and individuals. Easily add and reuse learning assets in multiple courses and prescribed training paths. Make changes to update an asset in the library, and then simultaneously roll out those changes across all the  different places you’ve used it. Use divisions to separate access to courses by regions, resellers, and other entities. Free up your time to focus on improving learning outcomes.

Your Guide to Sales Training

Your Complete 90-Day Sales Onboarding Plan

The first 90 days are critical for a new hire. By implementing a comprehensive plan that includes materials for learning, testing and practicing you can boost employee proficiency and retention.