Atlas Copco Fuels Data-Driven Buyer Engagement with Showpad

Learn how industrial tool manufacturer Atlas Copco strengthens internal alignment and enables its global sales teams to deliver a first-class buying experience with Showpad.

About Atlas Copco

Atlas Copco is a world-leading sustainable productivity solutions provider in more than 180 countries worldwide. Its innovative compressors, vacuum solutions, air treatment systems, construction equipment, power tools, and assembly systems are known for their strong performance, reliability, and energy efficiency.

Headquarters: Nacka, Sweden
Founded: 1873
Industry: Manufacturing, Industrial Equipment
Employees: Enterprise

Improve content management and sales effectiveness to drive better buying experiences with Showpad Content and its Shared Spaces capability.

Lots of content in many places—and a need for a single source of truth

Atlas Copco’s marketing teams work hard to ensure they have the right content to support all their product lines, industries, and personas at every stage of the funnel. But when you’re a world-leading enterprise manufacturer as big as Atlas Copco, that’s a lot of content to manage. 

“We had content everywhere,” says Leea Huffine, Creative Marketing and Communications Manager at Atlas Copco. “We would upload it into many different spots, but then sometimes we would forget where those were uploaded and then would have to remember whether it was up-to-date or not. It was getting very cumbersome.” 

Atlas Copco knew they needed a better way to get content in their seller’s hands. They needed a content management solution that both sales and marketing could look to as a single source of truth. The solution needed to be easy to use and able to centralize all of Atlas Copco’s many content assets. This is when they turned to Showpad. 

Driving stronger alignment between marketing and sales with Showpad Content

Atlas Copco’s marketing and sales teams now use their Showpad Content instance as the central place for content sharing. Marketing can quickly upload and update content as needed, and sales can easily find and share it with buyers.

“Once I connected with Showpad and they showed me this is the one spot for all of that content, and the ease of being able to use Showpad, and of being able to replace content, it was honestly a no-brainer.”

Leea Huffine, Creative Marketing and Communications Manager, Atlas Copco

In addition to acting as the single source of truth for content distribution and management, Atlas Copco’s marketing and sales teams also leverage the engagement analytics available in Showpad to continually improve their content. 

Their marketing team regularly reviews engagement analytics to see what content is shared most by their sellers and engaged with most by their buyers. If a piece of content isn’t working and you don’t see many uses out of it, then you need to review why they aren’t being used and then make the changes,” says Leea.

Their sales team also uses analytics to gauge how buyers have engaged with content in previous sales cycles, so they can curate a selection of high-performing assets that would be a good fit for new opportunities.

“I have received nothing but positive feedback about Showpad. First was actually the implementation of this tool and how easy it is to use. And the best part is the analytics they get out of it.”

Leea Huffine, Creative Marketing and Communications Manager, Atlas Copco

Enabling sellers to better engage buyers with Shared Spaces

Now that Atlas Copco’s sales reps can easily see what content they have and what content performs well with buyers, they can take it one step further and personalize their conversations with buyers. They use Showpad’s Shared Spaces as digital sales rooms to share all content used throughout the sales cycle in one easy-to-navigate, fully brandable microsite.

With Showpad, reps have the ease of being able to find a piece of content and say, ‘Oh, this piece of content is valuable for customer X that I already have a Shared Space for,’” says Leea. “So the rep can easily just add it right to their Shared Space.”

“Customers feel like they’re getting the information they need quickly and easily, right in the palm of their hand.”

Leea Huffine, Creative Marketing and Communications Manager, Atlas Copco

Shared Spaces also enable Atlas Copco’s sales reps to easily collaborate with all stakeholders on the buying team—known and unknown. 

“Say a salesperson sends a piece of content to someone. The salesperson gets an email that they opened it and that they viewed certain pages,” says Leea. “If that someone forwards on that email to someone else, once that someone else opens that email, the salesperson collects their email address also. So they’re building their contact list as it goes.”

This gives sellers more insight into who the buying stakeholders are and gives them valuable data to guide the conversation forward. Sales reps no longer have to guess what their buyers may or may not be interested in. They can take a quick look at the engagement analytics and know exactly what their buyers are thinking.

“I can’t imagine a company being able to do its daily business without a platform such as Showpad.”

Leea Huffine, Creative Marketing and Communications Manager, Atlas Copco

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