Corilus is a leading ICT company in the health care sector. More than 40,000 customers, including pharmacists, ophthalmologists, dentists, GPs, physiotherapists, nurses and other professionals, rely on Corilus’ user-friendly solutions each day to improve healthcare, and make lives better.

The Sales team at Corilus were set on delivering the best buyer experience but along the way, encountered various challenges up until deciding to implement Showpad into their business.

"I think the biggest benefit of using Showpad is knowing what's happening with the information our sales reps are giving to the prospect or to the customer."

Video Transcript

What are some of the business challenges you wanted to overcome?

Before we had Showpad, we had a lot of documents, a lot of contracts, a lot of information. It was very difficult to keep it up to date. What we saw was that the Sales people went on the road, went to a customer, explained something, wanted to give them the information, looked in there, documentation said, “That wasn’t really up to date.”

What have been some of the results of implementing  Showpad at Corilus?

When we introduced Showpad. That was finished. It was, I’ll say, always up to date. Marketing could always keep the documents up to date. They put all the content in Showpad. So they had always the right information at the right time with the customer.

What are some of the benefits to implementing Showpad?

For our Sales team, I think the biggest benefit of using Showpad is knowing what’s happening with the information they’re giving to the prospect or to the customer. Before you went to a prospect or a customer, and you didn’t really know what was interesting to the customer or the prospect. Is it a reference list? Is it more a video? Is it product documentation itself? 

What we see now is after using it for more than two years, is that references, for example, are very, very important. We were introduced to Showpad through a reference. Our clients go in and call a friend of theirs on the reference list and go in to see how they use our software, if they’re happy with the company and with the software solution.

Can you talk about how you use Showpad Collections? 

First of all, we use it with our customers. When we went to the customer, we agreed on a contract. And second of all, we use it for prospection. First, when we go to the customer and we fill everything, all the documents that are necessary within the contract, we do it with Adobe fill and sign. We attach it to a collection. And we send the collection with all the documentation to our customer. That’s also a great advantage for our customers because he has everything nicely together and he doesn’t have to look for different documents. It’s digital. He has it in his email and he can read it. Second of all, we have our prospection.

After we do prospection, we have 10 customers or 20 sent to a collection. That collection contains a certain amount of documents, and we see what the doctor did or the customer did with that collection. Then afterwards, we call back to the prospect to see if they’ve seen our collection. Was it the right information that they wanted? Was it interesting? Did they contact  some of the references that were on the reference list? They do so much more with it and we know it. The Sales team also knows what the customer does with the information.

How has Showpad improved the relationship with your customers?

Something we now start to see with Corilus is that software is one thing, but happy customers is something very, very important. We work daily to satisfy and to have happy customers. Because when your customers are happy, they’re going to be a good reference to other customers. That’s something we really work hard on every single day. I think Showpad is also very important and plays an important role in our future.