How GE Healthcare Uses Showpad to Improve Sales and Marketing

GE Healthcare

GE Healthcare develops, manufactures and distributes leading medical technology, equipment and products for customers around the globe.

The company uses Showpad to manage content at scale, making valuable collateral easily accessible for its salespeople while providing its marketing team with insights to optimize strategy.

"So if we want to get relevant content to all of our sales organization and field marketing instantly, we can do that in Showpad, and we've never really been able to do that before."

Video Transcript

What challenges has Showpad helped GE overcome?

The challenge that Showpad has helped GE Life Sciences resolve is, there are a number of phases. The first phase is just getting one place where it’s the most up-to-date, most relevant content that had been approved across the organization. And now we’re going on another journey of making more experiences in Showpad. So the first thing was getting aligned content, and then it’s now making better experiences.

What are some of the benefits to using Showpad?

The scalability is probably the most important thing, I’d say the immediate benefit that we’ve gone for. So if we want to get relevant content to all of our sales organization and field marketing instantly, we can do that in Showpad, and we’ve never really been able to do that before. And then the second benefit was then being able to understand how our customers are consuming that content after a meeting or before a meeting by sharing that via Showpad.

What business improvements have you seen from using Showpad?

I’ve seen Showpad improve, I would say, our business impact, which is sales and marketing. So one is just how efficient we are at getting content out to within our organization, but then how we can effectively deliver upon that, and we can track that through the analytics that Showpad gives us. So we look at our shares, and then we can use that information to then calculate where that information was used, was that helping toward a successful opportunity which is leading to a business outcome. So did we win and close a deal, and Showpad is now part of that process in enabling our sales and field marketing in achieving those goals.

How does Showpad work with your other technology platforms?

My experience of Showpad, some of the other benefits is when it connects in with the technology stack. As a standalone it’s fantastic and there’s some great benefits, but when it starts to connect into the technology stack, then it has a multiplier effect. So it makes things better, so if people are going into, say, their CRM system, that syncing in with the CRM system means that it’s adding more value to the rest of the organization. So if you don’t have access to Showpad for your day-to-day work, then at least you’re seeing the benefit, because the data is kind of enriched, and then it accelerates and helps us kind of meet more of our goals and then helps us meet our customers’ objectives as well.