Showpad’s Insights Sets Forth Harman’s Business Goals

Harman International

Harman International

Harman International is a leading supplier of audio, video, lighting and control equipment. They provide solutions for everything from large enterprise installations including hotels, airports, and hospitals, to entertainment applications like recording equipment.

When Harman decided to implement our platform, the company was experiencing issues with facilitating the distribution of content and important data within their Sales teams.

"I think Showpad has really changed the dynamics of how we have Sales conversations with customers."

Video Transcript

Why Showpad?

We were really looking for a solution that would allow us to make it easy to distribute Sales Enablement content to them and keep them automatically updated so they didn’t have to think about what the latest material was. It just automatically was pushed out to them. Now they can just walk in with their iPad, start Showpad, and they know that everything they need is going to be automatically organized and available for them.

How has using Showpad impacted Harman?

I think Showpad has really changed the dynamics of how we have Sales conversations with customers. 

What are some of Harman’s goals as it relates to using Showpad within your Sales teams?

The long-term goal is that it’s really integrated as part of their customer planning and CRM and context system. It’s not just a presentation tool, it’s an integral part of their lead generation qualification nurturing process.

What are some of the benefits to using Showpad?

There’s really no question that relying on someone like Showpad who has built a business around this and we can rely on for the updates and support. It was kind of a no brainer. 

As a marketer, how has Showpad helped you?

Some things that I as a marketer, appreciate about Showpad is it’s giving me insight into what content people are using. It’s also making it very easy for them to share with me what content they need. So them being able to comment on content and point out things that they’d like to see added or included in the presentations. I am genuinely a fan. You guys have made a really great product.