Jacobs Douwe Egberts partnered with Showpad to create an effective mobile selling solution

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JDE Professional

Everyone deserves a cup of coffee they love: that’s a fundamental principle at Jacobs Douwe Egberts (JDE) Professional, a maker of coffee, tea, and coffee machines. The company, located throughout Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg, serves a global customer base with different needs and expectations.

JDE Professional partnered with Showpad to deliver an interactive buyer experience. The company uses Showpad to organize digital content, making it easier for sellers to immediately access material so they can instead spend time creating solutions for their buyers. The results were swift: Since working with Showpad, JDE Professional’s print costs fell 71% in the first year and an additional 54% the second year. Eighty percent of its salesforce became day-to-day users in the first year.

"Showpad was much more of a fit for our needs. It was the first software we used that had no hidden surprises. Our customers want us to listen and understand both current and future business needs. With Showpad Experiences, they can see we are doing that."

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