Kaiser Permanente Conquers Content Chaos with Showpad

Learn how healthcare company Kaiser Permanente strategically delivers content and drives high-impact buyer conversations with Showpad.


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About Kaiser Permanente

Founded in 1945, Kaiser Permanente is one of America’s leading health care providers and nonprofit health plans. They currently serve 12.6 million members in 8 states and the District of Columbia. Kaiser is dedicated to care innovations, clinical research, health education, health equity and improving community health.

Headquarters: California, U.S.
Industry: Healthcare
Employees: Enterprise

Use Case: Improve content management and sales effectiveness to drive seamless buying experiences with Showpad Content and its Shared Spaces capability.

Sellers spent too much time searching for content, sometimes creating it themselves. 

As a pillar of the healthcare industry since 1945, Kaiser has created heaps of valuable content to share with their customer community. But this massive content library became challenging to manage over the years. Kaiser’s sellers and account managers were spending hours wading through pools of content to find what they needed when they needed it. 

“Our sales and account management teams were struggling to find the most current asset to put out there in the marketplace or answer a question,” says Tom Carter, National Vice President, Business Marketing at Kaiser Permanente. “So people were creating a lot of their own content and sending it out. And we had a limited understanding of what was being delivered to our B2B audience.” 

In the healthcare industry, where version control and up-to-date information are critical to meeting compliance standards, Kaiser knew they had to change how they managed and delivered content. They needed a solution that could give their sales and account management teams the right information for each conversation. This would save time and give them the confidence that the content they’re sharing is always up-to-date, on-brand and industry compliant. 

“The Showpad platform, technology and approach allowed us to completely rethink how we supply solutions and assets to our sales teams.” 

Tom Carter, National Vice President, Business Marketing at Kaiser Permanente

Sellers now find and share content easily—and get valuable insights too.

Kaiser now uses Showpad Content as their go-to content hub. When they create new content or update existing assets, Kaiser’s marketing team can quickly upload or replace files in their Showpad instance. Their sellers and account managers can then easily find and share that content with buyers

“Showpad is very intuitive. If it was easy for me, I knew it was easy for the staff,” says Tom. “So I put myself out there as a user and showed them that this is a solution to help them be more efficient in their day-to-day activities.”

After seeing success with the implementation and adoption of Showpad, Kaiser decided to take it a step further. They created a series of industry profiles and conversation guides organized by common buyer or customer concerns. Now, sellers and account managers can find content faster than ever and save hours that would normally be spent on independent research. They can better guide buyers and customers along the journey and be confident that the content they share provides real value. 

With Showpad we can react quicker, we can be more responsive, and be confident that the response we’re delivering to the customer is the most relevant and appropriate.”

Tom Carter, National Vice President, Business Marketing at Kaiser Permanente

Thanks to Showpad’s engagement analytics, Kaiser better understands how buyers consume content. “Before Showpad, we never had any data to look at,” says Tom, “So you get addicted to diving in there and looking at the different ways people are accessing information, where they’re going and what the decision trees look like.” Kaiser’s go-to-market teams use these insights to continually improve their content and form stronger connections with their buyers and customer community.

Kaiser uses Showpad’s Shared Spaces to share all content used throughout the sales cycle in one secure, easy-to-navigate, fully brandable digital sales room. 

Shared Spaces are especially helpful for an enterprise business like Kaiser that works with many levels of an organization. “We might work with HR, a medical director, and a wellness director at the same company,” says Tom, “With a Shared Space, they can all see the other conversations going on in different points in the company.” Shared Spaces help Kaiser’s sales and account management teams create a seamless buying experience when communicating with multiple stakeholders.

Driving a seamless, collaborative buying experience with Shared Spaces. 

“Showpad’s Shared Spaces became a great way for our teams to connect efficiently with our customers.”

Tom Carter, National Vice President, Business Marketing at Kaiser Permanente

Shared Spaces also enable Kaiser’s sellers to streamline how content is shared with buyers and how they interact with it. These secure and collaborative spaces host content, comments, and more all in one place. This is another key advantage when working with large buying committees where stakeholders can drop in and out of the sales cycle. “The customer always knows that’s where the conversation is going to be,” says Tom, “They don’t have to search their emails to find an attachment. And if we update a piece of content, it will update automatically in the Shared Space, which is a huge advantage.

“Every time I check in with a user they’re just over the moon about the effectiveness of Shared Spaces with their customer and how much people appreciate them.”

Tom Carter, National Vice President, Business Marketing at Kaiser Permanente

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