Sandvik Discovers the True Power of Sales Enablement


Sandvik is a high-tech global engineering group with a strong commitment to enhancing customer productivity, profitability and safety. The enterprise is a marketplace leading manufacturer in several areas, including: tools and tooling systems for industrial metal cutting; equipment and tools, service, and technical solutions for the mining and construction industries; advanced stainless steels and special alloys; and products for industrial heating.

Sandvik was struggling with the amount of scattered information and delivering content. Thankfully, Showpad was able to serve as a tool to overcome these obstacles.


"I would definitely recommend Showpad to other companies. The flexibility and distribution of content is great and it's an easy tool to adapt to."

Video Transcript

What business challenges was Sandvik facing prior to implementing Showpad?

We had a number of challenges before we chose to go with Showpad, and one of them was the distribution of all the Marketing communication material. That was spread out all over the hard disks and local computers. So that was one main reason, actually, to go with Showpad.

How was the implementation of Showpad like?

The implementation was quite a ride. We had some issues in the beginning with our IT department before we could roll it out. We had a small pilot to start with, a small team that tried it out, and then, after about 12 months, we rolled it out onto the rest of the organization.

What has changed after using Showpad?

A lot of things have changed since we started to use Showpad. On the Marketing side, we have a more flexible way of distributing our material, and we can also see content that is used by the Sales representatives. It’s a much easier way for us to follow up on statistics and everything. From the Sales point of view, it’s much easier to have content always available. I think interacting with the customers has become a lot easier than it has been in the past.

Has Showpad impacted the effectiveness of your content?

From a content creation perspective, it’s much easier now to see what content is actually being used. It gives us a lot more input for what content to produce in the future and to be more spot-on on what the customer might like to see.

Would you recommend Showpad to other companies?

I would definitely recommend Showpad to other companies. I mean, the benefits that we have seen since using it, the flexibility and the distribution of content, is great. It’s an easy tool to adapt to. I would really recommend it.

Content is always available, and we monitor the content material that’s being used, and it makes it a lot easier for us to create new content.