The Showpad Platform makes use of certain subprocessors, i.e. third party services providers that process certain Personal Data to deliver functionality for the Showpad Platform.

Showpad is vetting its subprocessors via an elaborate vetting process prior to engaging with such subprocessors to understand and assess the impact on privacy and security on the Showpad Platform. In this light, Showpad also requires its subprocessors to satisfy equivalent obligations as those required from Showpad (as a Data Processor) as outlined in Showpad’s Data Processing Agreement (DPA), including but not limited to the requirements to work under documented instructions, have in place the required confidentiality provisions, to provide prompt notification of security breaches, and, to cooperate without undue delay with respect to access requests from data subjects, data controllers as well as supervisory authorities.

Showpad ensures that every international data transfer of EEA Personal data is covered under the necessary safeguards as required by the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and European Court of Justice.

Showpad, acting as a data processor, uses the following subprocessors in the processing of personal data through the Showpad platform on behalf of its customers, the data controllers:

SubProcessor Activities Location of Processing Remark 
Showpad EU Affiliates Support Services for the Showpad Platform EU
Showpad ltd. (UK) Support Services for the Showpad Platform UK
Showpad Inc. Support Services for the Showpad Platform US
Amazon Web Services EMEA SARL Hosting Services EU
Hosting Services (Cloudfront CDN) AWS data centers worldwide (Cloudfront features ) optional / feature dependent
Sendgrid Inc. SMTP Gateway US
Box Inc. / Box UK ltd. Boxview pdf Rendering US
LitusSoft Belgium Development Support EU / Belarus
ISS Consult Development Support EU
Google Ireland Ltd. Transcription Services EU optional / feature dependent
Cloud Elements Middleware Services EU optional / feature dependent