In-Platform Content Editor

Personalize content with ease. Allow sellers to tailor marketing-approved Microsoft Office files right from Showpad, while maintaining visibility on how the modified versions perform.

Personalize your conversations

The majority of B2B buyers choose a vendor based on the buying experience. So it’s key that salespeople target their audience with a personalized approach. With Showpad’s In-platform Content Editor, sellers can take advantage of advanced discovery features without jumping back and forth between Microsoft Office software. Salespeople can quickly open and customize marketing-approved PowerPoint presentations, Word documents, or Excel spreadsheets from Showpad, and save them directly back into the Showpad platform to present, share, and measure.

Keep track of all content edits

Marketing determines which content can be edited and can improve content based on personalization insights. With these insights, you can track how salespeople are personalizing content and how this content is shared with buyers. Get a comprehensive view into the effectiveness of all assets, and prioritize content creation efforts accordingly.