March 8, 2023

How LANXESS masters content management with sales enablement technology

“Where can I find relevant content for my first buyer meeting?”

“We really need more videos and one-pagers for prospects.”

“How do I know what assets to share with my buyer?” 

“This is too general. I need more specific content.”

Sound familiar? The good news is that you’re not alone. Content chaos is a challenge many companies face. 

The core of the problem is that sales and marketing departments work in silo from each other. As a result, more than 65% of marketing content goes unused. All that wasted time and effort is enough to break the heart of any marketer (or CFO). Not to mention it leaves sales with outdated, irrelevant assets that don’t help move the needle on opportunities.

And what does sales content chaos mean for your buyers? Boring, increasingly generic and static sales collateral that doesn’t answer their questions or help them progress through the buying journey. In fact, a third of today’s buyers would prefer to move through the sales cycle without any seller involvement at all. 

Learn how Anke Horenkohl, Marketing Solutions Process Expert and her team at specialty chemicals company LANXESS created a single source of truth approach for content using sales enablement technology.

Better content management leads to more engaging buyer conversations and swift post-meeting follow-up 

A prospect meeting starts long before the actual conversation, namely with effective preparation. In the meeting prep stage, a seller researches their buyer and compiles relevant content to create a tailored presentation that speaks to their needs. But without effective content management, this is a time-intensive process. One that requires sellers to spend more time searching for content and less time doing what they do best—connecting with buyers. 

According to a 2022 report from LinkedIn, sellers spend 30% of their time actually selling, and more of their time on administrative and other non-selling duties.

LANXESS uses the Showpad Enablement Operating System® (eOS®) to provide their sales teams with a single source of truth approach for content. With all assets stored in one central location, sellers can quickly filter for the content they need without needing to check multiple content libraries. And if a rep has questions about a particular content asset, they can see who the author is and reach out to them directly. This empowers LANXESS’s sellers to create wow-worthy personalized presentations in no time.

Better content management also enables LANXESS’s sellers to deliver a top-notch buyer experience even once the presentation has started. If a buyer has questions or objections during the meeting, the sales rep can quickly find relevant documents and address them on the spot. 

Following the call, LANXESS’s sales reps can share relevant content with their buyers in just a few clicks. Making swift meeting follow-up a breeze for sellers and buyers alike. At the same time, sales reps are given insight via Showpad eOS® into when the content is viewed or shared, and which assets buyers spent more time with. These valuable insights enable LANXESS’s sellers to customize their next follow-up and continue to deliver a highly personalized buying experience. 

LANXESS also regularly reviews aggregate analytics and insights to get a big-picture view of which content assets are most effective at different stages of the buying journey. After all, what works well for one sales cycle may work well for others too.

"Thanks to Showpad, we've been able to overcome numerous challenges in customer conversations and all employees are now pulling in the same direction." - Anke Horenkohl, Process Expert - Marketing Solutions, LANXESS

A hybrid sales enablement solution raises the bar for interactive tradeshow appearances

As a major chemical manufacturer, LANXESS is represented at many trade fairs. Since rolling out Showpad eOS®, their trade show booths are now more engaging than ever. 

LANXESS booths now feature an interactive board where visitors can explore information on their own and send interesting content directly to themselves. New leads land directly in a connected CRM system so they can swiftly be contacted by LANXESS sales reps—accelerating the buyer journey right from the start.

"The technology can be outstanding, but if the users are missing something, they don't like to work with it. The application should make our employees like to work with it — and we have achieved that with Showpad." - Anke Horenkohl, Process Expert - Marketing Solutions, LANXESS

Finding solutions that align sales and marketing teams to move forward together

Breaking down content silos is a huge step toward achieving organizational alignment. But it’s not the only step. Building stronger connections across an organization takes consistent and open communication—and a true willingness to collaborate.

"This is the most difficult factor in aligning marketing and sales. Not only are the documents or applications divided into different silos, but also the mindsets of colleagues from sales and marketing." - Anke Horenkohl, Process Expert - Marketing Solutions, LANXESS

LANXESS uses Showpad’s in-app commenting capabilities to make communication across departments seamless and engaging. To encourage long-term positive collaboration, LANXESS set up a Business Advisory Group in which colleagues from different departments exchange ideas about Showpad use cases and create internal content templates, among other resources. This company-wide collaboration builds stronger alignment across departments—especially between sales and marketing—and empowers the LANXESS team to continue to deliver exceptional buyer experiences. 

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