Sales Enablement for Consumer Packaged Goods

Competition in the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry is on the rise and with only minor differences in product offerings between brands, creating a better buying experience is a key differentiator for sales in consumer goods companies.

A recent McKinsey study indicates that CPG companies with innovative sales and marketing teams grow at 4.1 percentage points faster compared to lagging companies. Bringing sales and marketing teams together and optimizing their cooperation is a core aspect of sales enablement tools.

Insights from industry analysts show that there are three main influences on the challenges that CPG manufacturers face: increased competition, heightened expectations of customers and a fast production-to-market cycle. CPG sales and their marketing teams will benefit greatly from Showpad’s sales enablement solution as it provides an answer to each of these influences.

Fierce Competition

Fierce competition and reduced market growth require CPG companies to differentiate further from competitors. Sellers need to provide added value throughout the buying cycle. Differentiate from the competition with data-driven insights tied into just-in-time training and on-brand communication.

High Buyer Expectations

Increased customer-centricity, a more informed buyer and limited customer face time push sellers to create a unique buying experience by leveraging new technologies and transitioning into consultative selling. Access to easy-to-digest learning gives reps invaluable insights.

Fast Production-to-Market Cycle

Getting to the market first is crucial in beating the competition. But with new products being launched almost weekly, marketers are under pressure to distribute relevant content fast so sellers can keep pace with each new product launch. Accurate analytics are crucial for an efficient content creation strategy.

Case Study: JDE Jacobs Douwe Egberts

Douwe Egberts (JDE) Professional, a maker of coffee, tea, and coffee machines, is a company located throughout Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg. It serves a global customer base with different needs and expectations. JDE Professional partnered with Showpad to deliver an interactive buyer experience. They use Showpad to organize digital content, making it easier for sellers to immediately access sales material. Read how Showpad streamlined the buying experience and helped JDE’s salesforce focus more on selling.

Showpad was much more of a fit for our needs. It was the first software we used that had no hidden surprises. Our customers want us to listen and understand both current and future business needs. With Showpad Experiences, they can see we are doing that.

Bob De Rydt
Marketing Manager for Professional Solutions, JDE Professional

Maximize face-to-face meetings

With only limited customer face time, it is crucial for salespeople to make an impact. Sellers must stand out and get immediate attention with content that is visually appealing and personalized to buyers. Showpad Content turns your salespeople into efficient experts, allowing them to offer great buying experiences, no matter their time restraint or location.

Control brand and messaging

Consistent branding and messaging are imperative as CPG companies scale quickly. Rapid changes can result in content pieces going off-brand, negatively impacting your messaging. Give your marketers control over their brand and content management and deliver a buyer experience that resonates with sellers and buyers alike through a central point of truth.

Create product experts

In a highly competitive industry, your sales representatives need to be subject matter experts and should be able to voice your company’s added value at each step in the buyer’s journey. The Showpad Platform prepares your sellers to be successful in the field with targeted sales training and data-driven marketing content that helps them guide buyers through any conversation.

Build a winning strategy

Gain access to data-driven insights on which content your sales team uses and what resonates with prospects and empower your marketing team to make more strategic decisions regarding asset management. Analytics on how your clients interact with the provided content guide your sellers in closing deals and boosting revenue.