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Croustico by Vandemoortele

Croustico by Vandemoortele keeps Europe sweet. As a manufacturer of bakery products — baguettes, donuts, focaccias, croissants, and cheese cakes — the Belgian company has more than 100 years of experience satisfying palettes in 12 European countries.

The company, with offices in Ghent, doesn’t just sell supplies, it also sells the skills needed to bring its products to life.

But in 2016, after successfully growing the Croustifrance brand for nearly 20 years, Croustico by Vandemoortele decided it needed a change. Increased competition was squeezing the market, giving people fresh baked goods everywhere they turned: From newsstands to train stations to bars. To respond, Croustico by Vandemoortele launched a rebranding to emphasize both its heritage and high quality products.

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