March 29, 2023
Updated: March 30, 2023

How to transform your data into actionable insights

What is your typical motivation for pulling a data report at work? Most likely, you have a question that you need answered. You consult the data to gain clarity on a decision or to evaluate performance. You start with a question: 

  • If you’re in sales enablement, you’re keen to know: “how many of our sales reps have been certified on the new materials?” 
  • If you’re in marketing, you’re wondering: “is our new content campaign working?”
  • If you’re a seller, you want to see: “what’s the buyer engagement on my deal?”

So why doesn’t your reporting start with that same question? 

Most companies are data-rich, but insights-poor. Like many marketers and sellers, you may have a database filled with raw metrics, but no way of prescribing meaning and guidance. How can you turn raw metrics into real insight? With direct answers that are distinct and actionable.

What does question-first analytics and insights look like?

To underscore the power of Showpad eOS® we are launching our new Analytics and Insights dashboard with a completely different approach to reporting. We are paving the way for a new path of reporting across all industries—one that focuses on answering our customers’ most pertinent questions.

Showpad set out with the goal to humanize data and to make insights tangible for marketing, enablement and sales. Stefan Vandegehuchte, Director of Product and Engineering UX at Showpad, notes the challenge historically posed for any type of reporting, “up until recently it was hard to be human with data.” That’s because most reporting tools focus on displaying the expansiveness and minutiae—leading to more questions about the data, rather than answers. 

Stefan’s observation set the foundational question for the Showpad product team: how can we make data more human? As the leader of the product launch, Stefan Vandegehuchte started with this straightforward, yet discerning thesis.

“In analytics and reporting, people don’t consume data for the sake of data. You consume data because you want to find answers.”

Stefan Vandegehuchte, Director of Product and Engineering UX

The new Showpad Analytics and Insights dashboard flips conventional reporting on its head. It solves for the challenges that other reporting often creates. Our dashboard makes data approachable—defined by the real business questions of each individual and role. Your answers take shape with precision and clarity. 

“The Showpad Analytics and Insights feature is simple. It’s easy to throw data at people. It’s hard to show them specific insights they can really use. That’s what our reporting is about.”

Stefan Vandegehuchte, Director of Product and Engineering UX

Example of question-based reporting in Showpad Analytics and Insights. For illustrative purposes only.

How can you make data more actionable?

The team didn’t stop with mere insights. They pushed the boundaries to discover how insights could inspire immediate action. Stefan and his team asked themselves for every analytics output: How would I take action on this? And they found a disconnect in the output. To accurately answer a customer’s query, they needed to orient the data with context. That led to the discovery and development of auto-generated benchmarks. Now, Showpad Analytics and Insights is upgraded to integrate the most relevant, internally-produced industry benchmarks into your dashboard.

What does that look like for you? 

  • Imagine pulling insights to check customer engagement with your sales pitch.
  • You can see exactly how long your customer spent reading the deck, and compare that to others in the industry.
  • You understand performance at a deeper level than ever before.

Instead of looking at data in a vacuum, Showpad contextualizes it so you can take action. That’s how we turn your data into real insights.

Today’s business leaders are challenged to be data-driven—whether focused on marketing, enablement or sales. Showpad’s Analytics and Insights goes beyond the basics of data. It guides you to better understand your team and your customers. So you can be insight-driven.

Visit our demo page to see the Showpad eOS® in action and learn more about how it can give your marketing, enablement and sales teams a significant, sustainable boost.