March 16, 2021

7 Reasons to Use Mobile Apps for Your Sales Training

We all know that sales equals success for any business. We also know that a viable company must continually learn new skills to address the ever-changing challenges of sales productivity. The right training can be a game changer in sales success. And what tool do sales reps already have at their fingertips? Mobile devices. By putting searchable, always up-to-date sales content in a mobile app, you can give your sales team the information they need to move deals down the pipeline at record speed.

Mobile training apps provide an inexpensive and convenient way to turn any mobile device into a powerful sales enablement tool. Sales training through mobile apps are vital for professionals who want to maximize their workplace performance.

There are many advantages to mobile training and bite-sized learning:

⃞ Convenience

One of the greatest things about mobile training is the convenience factor. A mobile sales training app is accessible 24/7. Give your sales rep the want to review the latest product updates on their commute to work, or right before a client meeting. In fact, Dscout reports that the heaviest smartphone users click, tap or swipe on their phone 5,427 times a day. Need we say more?

⃞ Accessibility

More than 70% of executives under the age of 40 are using third party apps at work which means it’s never been easier to access high quality mobile training, like SaaS through a third party. Using a mobile app for sales training allows for consistent and seamless training that you can do anytime, anywhere.

⃞ Low cost

Mobile training is significantly less expensive than traditional training. Not only in the actual cost of the product less expensive but also the overhead associated with traditional training. Thus making it the most viable option for new or small businesses.

⃞ Communication made simple

Mobile apps are also a great way to encourage conversations not just between your company and your customers but also between employees within your company. Mobile training apps that use social forums encourage feedback and collaboration that increase sales productivity. Forums allow users to ask questions and share insights in a low-pressure environment.

⃞ Customization

Mobile training is idle for bite-sized learning. The ability to download very specific training tools and to focus in on specifics makes it easy to customize each individual learning plan. The LearnCore mobile app allows sales managers to create and upload your own training content and works with individual companies to create a customized learning strategy.

⃞ Gamification

The use of game elements, or gamification, adds a touch of fun to mobile learning. Gaming can be great motivation for learning by giving learners feedback and rewards. Gamification in mobile training has the ability to reward and encourage employees in a fun simple way. It also inspires team problem solving by tying tangible rewards to team performance on training modules and assessments.

⃞ Analytics

The ability to analyze data is essential to gauging success. Having analytical details available at your fingertips can deliver real-time insight can help a company get the most out of any training. Mobile learning apps with analytics can measure your team’s success and correct areas of weakness.

What’s the bottom line? Mobile training is a game changer and a vital sale enablement tool that will help take your reps to the next level.

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